Wednesday   Darts

Dart Captain:  Cowboy Rowland

Wednesday Afternoon Dart Fun Shoot Rules (Winter League)
We will try and keep the tournament to 2.5 ( -/+)
Anyone Can Play! - You need not be a members of the Elks !

Registration is from 3:30 to 3:50 pm Toe Line is 4:00 pm.
* If you are later than 3:50 pm you are subject not to play.


      1.  Fees: for the Fun Shoot are as follows follows:                      
            a. $2.00 for the game. - Jackpots are optional and separate.
            b. $2.00 for the 180 Jackpot. (3 Triple 20’s consecutive in one round).
            c. $1.00 for the Hat Trick Jackpot. (Any 3 consecutive Bulls-Eyes in 1 round).
           d. Weekly game prize money will be paid out (100% payback) to the first 2 place teams.  The money will be divided between the two teams; approximately 60/40.

       2.  Jackpots:
            a. In order for a player to win a Jackpot, players must have paid into the Jackpot and played for any three weeks before being eligible to win. Players may win on the third week of play.
           b. Any Jackpots not won during the season:  Hat trick will be divided and paid out for the first 4 place teams.  180 or 171 pots will be refunded for each week paid into the pot.

       3.  Teams: of two will be made from a “Blind Draw”. Over 18 players may result in some teams of 3.

       4.  Everyone plays:  You do not need to be a member of the Elks.  

       5.  Ghost player:  If there are an odd number of players a ghost player will be added to the blind draw.
          a.  Ghost Player will get 30 points for each round. 
          b.  Once the score is less than 100 points the player will also play for the ghost (*See No. 8 Playoffs).
          c.  You can only be a Ghost player one time until everyone has played a Ghost at least once.

      6.  Players:
.  You will not play with the same team-mate two weeks in a row.
          b.  You will not play with your husband or wife or significant other.
          c.  You will not play with a ghost player again until everyone has played with a ghost player one time.

      7.  Games:  will be a “Round Robin” format:
          a.  3 - 4 teams: 3 games for each round on 3 boards.
          b.  5 - 7 teams: 1 game for each round.
          c.  8 - 10 teams: 1 game for each round on 4 boards.

      8.  Playoffs:  If there is a playoff between players or teams (ex., teams are tied for 2nd place) three rounds of darts will be played.  Each player will throw three darts per round for a total of nine darts each.  The highest total combined high score for the team wins.  * Ghost players will shoot against one player from the team.

       9.  If the score shows on the board when you come up to shoot 444, 333, 222 or 111 the “shooter” may elect to use their 1st dart in attempt to shoot the TRIPLE for the corresponding number.  If the triple is hit they win the round.
      10.  If teams cannot double out after three rounds when both teams are at the score of double 1 (X-1).  Three darts per player will be thrown until someone hits the double regardless where the darts land on or off the board.   The rounds will start with the player who won the diddle.

      11.  Winter tournament is tentatively scheduled for first Wednesday in October thru the last Wednesday in March.

      12.  Summer tournaments will go tentatively from the first Wednesday in April thru the last Wednesday in September with a start time of 7:00 pm.  Note:  Holidays and/or days off for special events will be announced.

*   Elks Dart Shirts may be available for players at a cost of $25.00 (Subject to change). 

       Dart Captain, Committee Director:  Cowboy Rowland 250-689-4663

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Summer Fun Drop-in Darts.....

***  NOTICE ***Wednesday Darts starting aApril 17th at 4:30 pm - 9:00 pm, towline at 5:00 pm sharp.
$2.00 per person, 100% payback first two places.
Blind draw for teams of two.

EVERYONE WELCOME - No membership required !


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